The Cleaning Process

Metro Carpet Cleaning & Solutions use a 4 step process to clean most carpets.  Each step is very important in the carpet cleaning process.


Pre-vacuuming removes most loose debris such as, dry soil, hair, and lint from the top of the carpet. Removing dry soil, and other debris before cleaning tremendously improves carpet cleaning results!



In this step carpet spots, stains, and traffic areas are treated with a relatively high ph product (sometimes accompanied by prespray boosters, enzymes, deodorants, etc...). Then left to dwell for a period of time for best results. Dry soil, hair and other debris in the carpet will hinder pre-treatments from working effectively.



In this step a crb (counter rotating brushes) is used to further work the prespray into the carpet, while pulling out and removing more dirt, hair, and other debris that the vacuum can not reach.



In this step a high powered truckmount system is used rinse out all dirt, stains, and chemicals in the carpet at high temperatures and high pressure. Dry vacuum strokes are also added to further dry the carpets.


End Results

After using these steps with the right chemicals, carpets are left clean, soft, and smelling fresh!